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A MAGICAL KEYS Christmas Show

A Magical Keys Christmas Show

DATE: Sunday, December 29, 2019  –  TIME:  4 to 6:45 pm 
• DOORS OPEN: 3 pm  – A family show, recommended for kids.


5216 W Lawrence Ave
Chicago, IL 60630

Bilety mozna nabyc:

 A Magical Keys Christmas Show gives musicians from all over the Chicago area an opportunity to get together and make music. It also gives children a chance to explore music, performance, acting, and playwriting with professional musicians and acting coaches. This is the true meaning of art and expresses that music is a language everyone can communicate with all around the world. This is especially true when we all get together from different cultures and traditions to celebrate Christmas!

In A Magical Keys Christmas Show you will find, Mr. & Mrs. Claus teaching their elves that Christmas is about family and Jesus. Our three elves, Ginger, Sugarplum, and Pinecone turn their focus from presents to the story of how Jesus was born in Bethlehem. They realize family is more important than presents. We will also find a Mary and Joseph playing the role of our most important people during Christmas time as out narrators tell us the story of their long journey. At the end, the Elves have a fantastic surprise for their audience as they’ve found the true meaning of Christmas!

Our most known composer of the night, Mark Condon, with his fabulous “Gloria”, “Celebrate the First Noel” and “Lord we Give you Glory” will be featured predominantly in our show. There will also be some traditional Christmas Carols such as “Silent Night” and polish highlander folk tunes played by highlander folk band. We will also have some Boney M. Christmas tunes and beautiful songs by Lauran Daigle. It will be an exciting night with LOTS of music and joy!

Bring your family and come see the Magical meaning of Christmas and join in on the fun!

About Magical Keys

Magical Keys started off as a duet with two sisters, Kasia and Karolina Szczech in 2010. Magical Keys has grown with many successes over the years. Today it ranges from private studio teaching, live entertainment, to big productions such as “A Magical Keys Christmas Show.”

The goal of Magical Keys is to bring the arts to all communities and make it accessible to everyone. This production is so special because it brings together musicians, children, and artists from all different backgrounds and cultures to collaborate with one another. It is infused with many musical styles, ranges from gospel, to Polish highlander folk, blues, and classical music.